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Saturday, 1 June 2013

1. Charity/Thrift store diamonds in the rough

I visit the charity/thrift stores usually not to find ready stuff (although the ocasions when I do find something that I like and is my size are of course welcomed :) ), but for little gems I can reconstruct, restyle or use with a different purpose as intended.
I colour coded what to look for with purple and what to do with it in red. I think with these things in mind, checking out the thrift stores can be a lot of fun and also productive :)

1. Always look at the discounted items racks for:
  • clothes you can modify to fit your size
  • fabrics that you like and can reuse for other projects
  • clothes you can take out and reuse the zipper, buttons, collars or other different parts from.

2. Look at the jewelry section, again for pieces that you can break down and reuse for your own jewelry projects or for embellishing. I always look at the weirdest, ugliest and chunkier jewelry pieces,  people usually think I have horrible taste haha

3. Have a look at their 'home' stuff..I always find cute jars, small vases and containers that are very nice and more importantly unique for organizing makeup, your crafting supplies, or any other random bits ;)

4. When you see a new trend you would like to have a try at, just keep it always in the back of your head and try to look for that specific thing at the thrift store. You may not find it in your size or the exact style you are looking for, but this is what we love to do: get our hands dirty (not literally of course) and reconstruct and modify things!! For example, I wanted a high-low skirt, but I do not like the chiffon style going around, it's nice but it's not really me. I do love however pleated skirts, so I bought from the thrift store a huge pleated skirt in size 20, when usually I wear size 10 :) it's beautiful, I paid only £1 for it, and now I have a fun  project on my hands! Hopefully soon I will try it out.
This also means that you will have something different from everyone else but still trendy, fashionable and up to date. 

5. The same as point 4 goes for other non-clothing crafting projects you might want to undertake: if you want to do a jewelry holder, look for a picture frame for example. Keep your 'I sooo want it!!!' list in mind.

That's it from me so far :) I do enjoy checking out the thrift stores, and would like to hear what little diamonds in the rough everyone else found! 

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