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Monday, 20 May 2013

Konjac sponge - 100% natural and amazing

The konjac sponge is a natural product used for cleaning and exfoliating the face. It's very gentle! I found it by mistake actually, as I was looking for a sponge to help take off my face masks. The mistake came of course because of my shopping online, which makes it difficult to see (and feel haha) the products :) After receiving it and reading more about it, I became really interested in it.
The sponge is at first hard as rock (which scared me a bit), but it softens with water.
 I use the sponge in my morning routine. How to use it: gently massage the face in circular motions. You can add a toner or cleanser on it, but I just use it by itself as I think it's more natural and chemical free this way.
A great how to use it video can be found here:

I used it now for about 10 days I think, and I can say I really notice the benefits:
- smoother skin
- brighter skin
- moisturising
- I used it on my blemishes and break outs and it looks like they are started to shrink down! My break outs are due to stress, and I have tried a lot of products to try and get rid of them.
- it's 100% natural! also it's naturally pH balanced.
- you can use one sponge for 1-3 months, depending on how you take care of it (the sponge needs love not roughness! haha dodgy)
- it's small, so it's easy to travel with

For the disadvantages of this, I noticed that:
- it does take some time to massage the entire face and neck, for me at least 10 minutes (in the weekend I use it a bit more). Maybe a solution to this is to use it in the evenings instead of mornings.
- storage for this is a bit difficult, as it is most of the time damp, so I would definitely suggest not storing this in the bathroom. Also, I wash it with soap before every use to make sure it is absolutely clean!!
- long term usage product

I bought mine from ebay, for under £2. It's definitely worth a try in my opinion!

For more information on the Konjac sponge and its benefits:

Apparently, there are different types of Konjac sponges: aloe, green tea, bamboo charcoal. I have not tried these, if my second one will not be the natural one again, I will update.

Hope this info and review is useful :) 

I love it!

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