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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIY - Stand for your tablet, watch videos/ movies like a queen/king


This diy is not only going to be fashion related, so only for cuteness sake :), but also I believe a practical and useful one. I bought a tablet recently, and they had an offer of getting a free case for it. Which is a very nice one, black simple, doesn't stand out too much. I like it. The downside of it, is that it does not have (had hihi) a stand, so I could not watch videos or whatnot while doing something else. So, I thought to myself, why not have a go at making a simple and efficient stand for myself. I am very pleased with the result and have been using it ever since  (meaning for 3 weeks :) ).

Original tablet case

- tablet case (the type that folds)
- velcro
- fabric glue
- material of your choice - I think both the colour of the case and colour block would look great! I used black velvet.


1. Measure the width of your desire stand and also the length of it (this will determine the angle of the screen).
2. Cut the fabric to those measurements, leaving at the ends (of the length) allowance for the velcro to be added on. If the fabric is a bit thin, you might want to fold it once to make it more sturdy. I did this, and used the fabric glue to make sure the fabric sticks together well when folded.
Step 2
Step 3
3. With the width measured at step 1, cut 4 pieces (2 hook and 2 loop) of velcro of that length.
Important: If the tablet case has a camera space like mine, you might want to cut that space out in the middle of the velcro pieces as well, depending on whether the camera cut out comes on the same side as your stand. At this point you have to be careful to put the charger side on the top (not where you will add your stand), so you can have it standing and charge it at the same time (unless the charger is on the side).
Step 4
4. If you want to take the stand out (for travelling) you might want to cover the showing piece of velcro of the unfolded case (one will be behind the tablet, but one will show when unfolded), you can cut a piece of fabric of the dimensions on the velcro to add on it ;) Again, double it if the fabric is thin.
5. Stick the velcro on the ends of the stand fabric and on the parts of the case where it will attach on. I put the loop part where the tablet would be, because it's softer.
Step 5

Step 5
And voila, super easy, super useful and super cheap tablet case stand. I know the instructions seem a bit complicated and tedious when taken step by step, but it is pretty intuitive as to how it works.
Hope this helps, would like to hear comments, opinions, and maybe pictures if someone did this! :)
P.S. When I don't need the stand and I am at home, I just fold the stand inwards in between the 2 flaps of the case (as can be seen in the last pic the folded mark on the stand).

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