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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

DIY - Stud, Stud, Stud!! Handbag and Top

I like studded things! (that's a great way to start a new post :) ). I mean, I don't like it when people dress head to toe (headband, top, jacket, bag, jeans, shoes) in studs, but I do think a stud here and there can really make something a bit more edgy.
Seeing I had a studded belt from my young years :) I decided to take all of the studs out and keep them for some projects. And two of the came fairly easy to me:
1. A vintage handbag, that was otherwise in great condition, but I thought could do with a bit of a modern twist.
2. A top, which was ok on it's own, but I thought why not add something to it. The top goes well with a belt, as it is flowy, but hope the pics are ok as they are.

Both these projects were fairly easy to complete. The bag studding was a bit time consuming, as the material is a bit thick, so I had to make sure the studs will stay in place.
So the materials are:
1. Studs!!
2. Pliers or, as I used, a nail file (to cling the studs in)
3. Optional: glue - I only used this on the bag material

Now the easy part, steps:
1. Find the place on the items where you want your studs to go. Arrange  them without putting them in, so you'd get a feel of the final design. It's useful to put pins in the places where you'd want the studs to go, so the design doesn't deform half way through.

2. If the material is dense and thick, use the nail file to make tiny (I stress, tiny) holes in the fabric, so the stud legs would go in easily. I only did this on the bag.
3. Place the stud on the material and press it on.
4. On the back, using the pliers/nail file bend the stud legs inwards to make it cling to the fabric.
5. VoilĂ ! Studded anything you can think of!

I used a bit of glue to reinforce the studs on the bag. They hold very well. Wore it many times and they did not fall off! yey
Now, for the before and after pics:

For a cuter element to it I added 3 studs on each side of the shoulder strap.

Hope this is useful, and I would like to hear some opinions on this :) 
I also have something else already done involving studs, but it deserve a post on its own :) x


  1. Hello, Barbara!
    Am vazut noua postare pe blog. Mi se pare ca esti un pic rock. mai ai tinte? topul din ce l-ai facut? imi plac amandoua noutatile. Succes in continuare.


    1. Hello, multumesc pentru comentariu. Ma bucur ca v-a placut...cateva mai am, dar se imputineaza vazand cu ochii :)) Topul il aveam cumparat. Multumesc!

  2. The bag looks really nice!! It looks better with the studs now, a bit more edge to it. Thanks for visiting my blog.


    Candy, love and the city

    1. Yeah, i thought it needed a bit more edge :) thanks for having a look and leaving a comment x

  3. Very cute! I love how you've studded the bag! Thanks for stopping by my site :)

    1. Hey Eileen, thanks for checking it out, I am happy you like it :) x

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